Catastrophic Injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries

Every year, thousands of accident victims suffer serious spinal cord injuries in the United States. Spinal cord injuries can have a severe and devasting impact on survivors and their families. When the spine sustains a traumatic injury, it can cause permanent loss of movement and sensation in the body. Apart from the physical injury itself, the economic losses and staggering medical bills can be overwhelming. You need a top level litigation firm to fight for your rights. If you or a loved one has a spinal cord injury because of someone else’s negligence, Norinsberg Law will fight aggressively for your rights and get you the maximum amount of damages recoverable.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries (“TBIs”) are the among the most serious injuries that a person can suffer. Brain injuries can have a devastating, permanent impact on a person’s life and their loved ones, requiring long-term rehabilitation, staggering medical costs and potentially permanent changes in a person’s quality of life. Norinsberg Law, we are committed to fighting on behalf of those who have been seriously injured to due to the negligence of another. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious brain injury or TBI, please contact Norinsberg Law for a free legal consultation. We will fight as hard as we can to get you the maximum amount of damages for you and your family.

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