Wage & Hour Claims

Wage and hour law violations are common in New York City, where thousands of employers and employees work every day. When employees file a complaint about sexual harassment in the workplace, they’re acting within their rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Title VII supports anti discrimination in the workplace and enables employees to report violations without facing retaliation. Unfortunately, employers can ignore Title VII and retaliate anyways, leading to wage and hour claims, making it important to hire a New York City wage and hour claims attorney immediately following.

Retaliation and Wage and Hour Claims

Retaliation is any adverse action an employee faces at work because of reporting sexual harassment. It can affect a victim’s work life and career and cause emotional and psychological damages. Retaliation also encourages an environment where an employer permits sexual harassment and punishes those who report harassment. Common examples of retaliation include:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Unpaid time off
  • Demotion
  • Job or shift change
  • Wage reductions
  • Disciplinary action
  • Hostile attitudes

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, which sets the minimum wage and overtime pay rules as well as standards that affect full- and part-time employees, it’s unlawful to fire, demote, or discriminate against a worker in any way for filing a complaint or participating in a legally protected activity. Most states, including New York, have their own wage and hour laws to help victims of workplace retaliation.

Everyone has the right to a harassment-free workplace. Thanks to rules such as Title VII and the NYC Human Rights Law, a violation of these rights is punishable by law. These laws give every employee the opportunity to complain about or report sexual harassment in the workplace without fear of facing wage and hour cuts. When retaliation leads to an unfair wage and hour claim, you should have a trusted New York City wage and hour claims attorney on your side.

How to File a Claim Against an Employer

Many forms of harassment and discrimination can lead to a wage and hour claim. An employee can report any form of discrimination he or she witnesses, including actions against someone for disability, age, race, national origin, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. If you’ve been the victim of workplace harassment, common advice is to issue a formal complaint internally with the department at your company responsible for these issues. However, if this results in retaliation, you have another problem on your hands.

As an employee in New York City, you don’t have to suffer from wage or hour reductions because you reported illegal activity. A wrongful termination can ruin your career and place you and your family in financial hardship. A shift change may not matter to some employees, but it can be devastating for a single mother or father with children at home. No matter what your wage or hour reduction looks like, if you believe it was the result of a sexual harassment complaint, contact a New York City wage and hour claims attorney to file a claim.

Hire A Passionate New York City Wage and Hour Claims Attorney

If a manager or supervisor is the person who cut your wages and/or hours as retaliation, the courts will likely hold the company responsible under the laws of “tangible employment action.” Companies are responsible for the actions of managers while performing within a job’s capacity. Joseph & Norinsberg, LLC has a skilled team of lawyers with the ability to bring evidence against a large corporation or company for violating Title VII and other anti-discrimination laws, even if an employee did the retaliating.

Our firm isn’t afraid to take a case to trial. We know how to leverage evidence of retaliation and wage/hour reductions to make your case compelling to a jury. A New York City sexual harassment lawyer at Joseph & Norinsberg is passionate about seeking justice for sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in the workplace and know what it takes to win a settlement in and out of court. To hear an honest and fair assessment of your case, call 212-587-8423 for a free initial consultation.

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