Reporting a Sexual Harassment Claim

Reporting workplace sexual harassment to the right authorities can be one of the hardest steps to take, but it’s also the most important. Many employees are too afraid to speak out against sexual harassment, file a complaint with human resources, or contact an attorney to file a New York City sexual harassment claim. Employees fear retaliation in New York City, including being fired or demoted because they report the problem. Fortunately, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act makes retaliation against employees who report sexual harassment or discrimination illegal.

Speak Up in the Workplace

Don’t hesitate to speak out if you have felt victimized in the New York City workplace. Some forms of workplace harassment include:

There are formal and informal steps you can take to shed light on any form of sexual harassment in the workplace. Formal steps such as filing a lawsuit may be your best option, but you can try informal actions first if you feel comfortable doing so. First, if you feel safe, let the harasser know you find his or her conduct offensive. In cases where sexual harassment is an inappropriate comment or joke, this course of action may work best to stop the problem before it escalates. If sexual harassment doesn’t stop here, at least you let the offender know what you were feeling.

File a Formal Complaint

If you can’t resolve the issue at this stage or want to avoid further workplace tension, follow your employer’s procedures for reporting workplace sexual harassment in New York City. The human resources departments of most companies have detailed processes for these situations and can help you. Speak to someone in charge of this in your department, and start the paperwork or steps necessary to filing a formal complaint. Follow the procedure exactly, documenting on paper every instance of harassment you’ve suffered so far, including dates, times, what the harasser said or did, and witness information.

File an Administrative Charge

If filing a formal complaint with your company doesn’t put an end to sexual harassment, file an administrative charge with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or other appropriate governmental agency. The EEOC has a New York City district office open during regular business hours where you can file a charge in person. It doesn’t accept charges online, but you can send a letter with the necessary information and your signature.

After you file the necessary forms, the EEOC will try to mediate a voluntary settlement between you and your employer. If mediation doesn’t work or your employer refuses, the EEOC will conduct an investigation into the charges. This may include interviewing the harasser, employer, and/or witnesses. The EEOC will give you a Notice of Right to Sue if they can’t determine if your workplace violated the law or if you can’t reach a settlement with help from the EEOC.

File a New York City Sexual Harassment Claim With the Court

After the EEOC gives you the Right to Sue letter, you can bring a civil lawsuit against your harasser and/or company for damages you suffered due to sexual harassment. Don’t hesitate to contact an attorney prior to this step for expert legal counsel throughout the necessary steps. Once you’ve decided litigation is the best or only way to seek justice for sexual harassment in the workplace, get in touch with Joseph & Norinsberg, LLC—experienced and compassionate New York City sexual harassment attorneys.

Hire a Skilled NYC Sexual Harassment Attorney

There’s a time limit for filing a charge of sexual harassment in New York. You must file the charge with the EEOC within 180 days of the date of the harassment or law violation, but this deadline extends to 300 days if a state or local anti discrimination law covers your charge. If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual harassment at work, trust the lawyers at Joseph & Norinsberg, LLC to help you file a New York City sexual harassment claim. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. Call 212-587-8423 or contact us online today.

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