Police Misconduct & Civil Rights Resources

Those who have been personally affected by police misconduct often feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the power the police is capable of exerting in their case. Without resources to help serve, empower, and encourage those affected can often time can lead to feeling lost. These resources will assist those affected by police misconduct by offering support and knowledge of how to defend your civil rights in these situations.  

National Police Accountability Project

Plaintiff’s lawyers, law students and legal workers fighting to end police abuse.

American Civil Liberties Union

An organization dedicated to fighting police abuse but educating the public as well as offering options to assist members to take action to help solve this issue.

Communities United for Police Reforms

A community composed of lawyers, researchers, and activists fighting to end discriminatory actions by police officers in New York.

Civil Liberties Defense Center

A non-profit organization focused on upholding and defending civil liberties of citizens.

Race Forward

An organization that strives for racial justice in the police system through education, awareness, and leadership development.

National Urban League

The National Urban League works to empower and uphold the civil rights of underserved Americans.

Counter Current News

A news website that covers controversial news stories regarding police brutality, racism, government corruption, and activism.

The New York City police misconduct attorneys at The Law Office of Jon Norinsberg are committed to fight for your civil rights that have been violated by those in power.

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